Amusement Park and Things to do

Amusement Park and Things to do

Amusement Park

Theme Park, Attractions And Entertainment In Fort Portal, Uganda. Our Amusement park is one of  its kind and Fort Portal’s top family attractions.  Located just 10 minutes drive from the centre of Fort Portal the uniquely Ugandan, the Amusement park provides a multitude of experiences in one amazing destination. The park provides the best of everything; from A-list entertainment, rides, lazy train to a restaurants and ice cream polour.  

Thrill seekers can go wild at our exhilarating theme park. Pure energy, pure indulgence, pure escape, Our Amusement park is where Fort Portal comes to life.

Other Things to do in Fort Portal

  • Tooro Botanical Gardens
  • Toro Golf Club 
  • Local tea plantantions and tea factories
  • Tooro Palace
  • The Karambi Tombs
  • The Ndali-Kasenda Crater Field
  • Amabeere ga Nyinamwiru caves and "Lake Saka crater" walk.